Early thoughts on Falmouth and my first UK reptile!

I’ve been here in Falmouth for nearly a month, and I really don’t have much to complain about.  My house is cozy, my bed is just above prison grade (good enough for me), 2/3 of my room mates are fantastic, and 95% of my coursemates are just awesome! (More about that other 1/3 of the room mates later…)

Being so close to the water is important to me not just because I like the ocean, but it’s good for my mental health (especially because here in England, the sun is not exactly a daily visitor).  The ocean acts as my escape, my solace, and my constant.  We all have those times where the world seems to be closing down on us, and we can’t seem to get out of the way, the sun and the ocean have always been my escape from that feeling.  With how dark it can be here sometimes (compared to Florida) it’s easy to slip into a semi-depressive state… the ocean keeps me from that.

Back to my other 1/3 of the room mate situation….  Most people who know me well know that I’m not a neat freak by any sense of the imagination, with that being said… holy shit man.  If it’s not left over food sitting in a pan overnight (pans which we all use frequently) or shit being left in the sink (no, not dishes.. food from the dishes he “cleaned”), then it’s commandeering the washing machine and the living room for 2 weeks.  Let me shine some light on how he does laundry…ahem…

1.put clothes in washer 2.hang clothes all over the living room to dry 3.put more clothes in washer, but don’t take them out until the previous load is dry 4.Repeat

Not cool man!!

Back to happier stuff, I found my first reptile in the UK!  See back in Fl, it would be a chore NOT to find a reptile of some sort.  Here in the UK I believe they only have 6 or so species of reptiles (2 of which are quite rare).  I was doing some work with a couple of guys building a reptile exclusion fence around an area which will be developed soon, so all reptiles have to be moved out of the area.  They have removed over 500 specimens from this area, so not many are left, but we were fortunate to catch 3 yesterday.  They are a species of legless lizard called slow worms (check out the pic!!)Image


Finding that little guy was so exciting, I can honestly say I’ve never been so pumped to catch a lizard… well not since I was 7 years old anyway.

Wrapping this post up… I’m so excited to be here pursuing my dream.  The last year+ of bartending was awesome and will always be an interesting chapter in my life, but it really showed me how much i love science, research, and learning new things about our world.  That being said, I have a shit-ton of reading to do, and have to figure out how to make my poster graphs look pretty for next week… Cheers all

P.S.  hopefully by my next post my room mate has cleaned the crap out of the sink (including the rib bone that’s been sitting in there for a day and a half)


About mdnichol87

Marine Biologist studying towards a Master's in Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Exeter.
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