Constant Adaptation

Throughout a person’s lifetime, there are without a doubt countless situations that arise which cause that person to adapt.  You move to a new place, adapt to it.  You start a new job, adapt to it.  Typically the process of adapting is relatively short, and said person reverts back to a certain state of “normalcy” afterwards.  

I think I have realized that I can’t stand being in that state of “normalcy” … and instead I’d rather live in what I call “constant adaptation”.

I love to travel, experience new places, people, and cultures.  I have long wondered where this desire stems from (As a kid I didn’t really travel much, so it’s not like I grew up with it).  I think that what I love most is being in a place that I’m not accustomed to, being forced to adapt to something completely foreign to me.  That’s how the Bahamas was, how South Africa was, and how England is for me right now.  This reasoning is probably why I left home as soon as I could at 18, and I left Ft. Myers as soon as I had a chance to after my undergrad.  It seems like as soon as I get to one place, I’m already thinking of where I want to go next.

While I consider my love for the ocean as the main reason for me getting into Marine Biology, I can’t discount the fact that the lifestyle of a researcher (traveling to all sorts of places) fits in with my theory of constant adaptation.  The career I plan to end up with is one that will take me all over the world, assuring no shortage of new situations.

The ocean, and nature itself really is a perfect example of constant adaptation, things are always changing, and life must catch up to it.  I think this is why I feel most at home when I’m on the sea floor, or in the middle of nowhere in the woods.  Living in a city or town you eventually get a feel for how things work, and eventually it just seems like  machine.  Not much changes, and life becomes a routine.  I can’t live like that.

Maybe this is why certain relationships of mine have failed, or just haven’t ever materialized.  A life like this, constantly going from place to place and not always having a rhyme or reason to it isn’t exactly conducive to things that typically require “roots” (like a long-term relationship). 

I’m not sure what this realization says about me as a person, but I do know this: I’m typically a guy who smiles a lot, but I’m not usually one to just smile for no reason.  Since I’ve been here in England I have found that I just break into smiles for no reason (walking down the street for instance).  While this may look odd to people walking or driving by me, it has really told me a lot.  I like living in this constant adaptation, I’m not sure if it’s a mid 20’s phase, or that’s just how I am.  But I know that once a feeling of “routine” sets in, I’m probably going to be ready to go somewhere new (I’m kind of like a gypsy I think, hmmmm).  

Maybe I need to find something that will satisfy this need while letting me “grow roots” somewhere, or maybe this is just how I’m meant to live…





About mdnichol87

Marine Biologist studying towards a Master's in Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Exeter.
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