Top Ten Tuesday!

Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Things I’ve learned since I came to England

  1. I could get fat off of pasties
    A nice flaky crust filled with meat, potato, and chard, I could eat them every day.  Even though it’s committing  serious carb-icide!
  2. Old Rosie is dangerous
    This is maybe the tastiest cider ever.  The caveat, it’s 7% alcohol (but tastes like juice).  Have more than a couple of these and before you know it you’re crawling home.
  3. Never walk Jacob’s Ladder drunk
    #2 often leads to #3.  Walking this massive staircase (which is the way to get to/from the pub of the same name) is not an advisable decision when inebriated
  4. England can turn anyone into a tea drinker
    I never drink tea in the states, but since coming here I started… now I drink about 3 cups a day!
  5. Scientists really do drink the most coffee.
    Dunkin Donuts and Career Builder conducted a study to see what profession drinks the most coffee… scientists and lab techs were number 1.  I drink an average of 4-5 cups per day, its just how we do!
  6. You can convince an Englishman to have a pint with you pretty much anytime
    One thing that makes it so hard to stay focused sometimes is how keen people are to go “have a cheeky pint”.  While it can be tough because you’ll drink a lot… you’ll never drink alone!
  7. Mulled wine and mulled cider will change your life
    A description of these two heavenly creations won’t do them justice … just imagine a spiced, warm, tasty goodness that will undoubtedly keep you warm on a cold night … while also giving you a nice buzz!
  8. In Falmouth, if you’re not working, you’re probably having a pint
    As the previous two might suggest, opportunities to go grab a drink are not infrequent.  Combining the facts that this is 1) a small town, 2) a large portion of the town is made up of students and 3) there are a seemingly ENDLESS amount of places to get a pint… you pretty much gets  recipe for disaster (and a damn good night!)
  9. Sitting on a cold toilet seat is a horrible experience
    Every freakin’ morning, maybe it’s cause I’m from Florida, where everything is warm, but there is something about sitting on a cold toilet seat that sends a shock through my entire body.  Keep in mind though, if you get a warm one here it’s probably because someone just got off of it … pretty much a lose-lose.
  10. Girls here are TOTALLY different to flirt with
    I feel like I talk to friends about this daily, girls here are so much different!  I usually compare it to cooking:  If you’re an Italian chef, but go to work in an Asian restaurant… you had better learn to cook some Asian food, otherwise your restaurant won’t be very busy!!  It’s a good thing I love to flirt, and a good challenge!

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Marine Biologist studying towards a Master's in Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Exeter.
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One Response to Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. Harry Stone says:

    Mate, you’re making me homesick! I am looking forward to having a cheeky pint with you and seeing your prowess with the English ‘birds’ for myself. Ask them if they like slap and tickle, or fancy a game of “‘ow’s yer father?”, they love that. In your experience, is an English more or less inclined to award you your brown wings? Mmm, pasties. P.S. I hope you’re drinking real ale and not that gassy lager stuff in your pints (with a mug not a sleeve), and having scones, jam (jelly), and cream with your tea. Hopefully see you in either April or July.

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