Best Friends ∆ – An Awesome Wave

It was 5:40 in the morning when I got on my bus to leave Falmouth… and totally lost it. I had held it in long enough, and as the bus started moving … I cried.
Not only had I just finished an amazing day/night full of hanging out with some of my favorite people in Falmouth, but I had just said goodbye to the two people who have been closer to me than anyone over the last year, and when I really think about it… probably just as close as I have ever gotten with anyone.

Matt and Sarah.


My partners in crime – the other two sides of the triangle. The 8-hour bus ride from Redruth to the Victoria Coach station was absolutely excruciating, with waves of emotion coming over me constantly, including the first outburst, which lasted roughly 30 minutes. I wrote most of this post in my head during that journey, because I wanted to capture the emotions in their most raw form.

We spent the night out at our favorite local watering hole, Jacob’s Ladder.  There was something about the ambience this night, the melancholic tone of Dan Chapman’s songs really had me at a breaking point. It was reminiscent of the dramatic music before the climax of the movie, you just know it was coming. I was trying to keep myself straight, because every time I looked around I just wanted to break down and cry.

I was only in Falmouth for a year, and it might seem odd that three people could become so close in the course of a year.  Until it happened to me … I would have thought it odd as well.  At one point early on during my final night, Matt and I were sitting in the living room of my house. He looked at me and said, “Dude, I’m really shit at goodbyes, but… you know.” I looked at him and just said, “Yeah man, I know… I know.” That’s how our friendship is, we always just know.


While I got the stare of death from Sarah daily, there was nothing but love here.


Matt had my back since day 1

I met Sarah my first day on campus, and we instantly became friends through some of the best banter I’ve ever had with another human being, the type of exchanges usually only had by siblings. There was something about her strong presence and sharp intellect that made me want to be friends with her, and I never regretted it for a second. Matt came along a couple weeks later, I met him for the first time in Jacob’s Ladder, where we proceeded to have the first of many Old Rosie nights. Matt is probably the most kind-hearted and thoughtful person I’ve ever met, he is the type of guy that no matter how hard you try (and I don’t know why anyone would), you can’t not like him.  I think that when I met them I saw these amazing qualities that in some way I wish I had. In a way, I think I looked up to them.

I was sitting on the bus trying to think about the time where we officially became a “threesome”, but I have no idea when exactly it happened. All I know is… it happened. We worked together, hung out together, made meals together, went on walks and excurions… we did everything. Throughout the last year we all went through ups and downs, and every time one of us was down, the other two were right there to pick them up.  I can think of explicit times where each of us was sad or upset about something, and the other two would just envelop them in a blanket of comfort.  Sometimes it needed a drink or two, sometimes it was a relatively silent cup of tea.  Regardless, when one of us was going through something, we never felt alone in the struggle.  If that’s not family – I don’t know what is.


This picture sums up our friendship pretty well… 🙂

Being friends with them has made me a better person. I love them for that. I love them for the people they are and the people I know they will become. I have no doubt that they will each go on to be successful in everything they do, and I feel so fortunate to have had them along with me for this special chapter of my life. I owe each of you a huge debt of gratitude for putting up with me for an entire year.

10464152_10154251465480408_1060698423237819275_nSo… Matt, Sarah… thank you. Thank you for becoming my family, thank you for making me a part of yours.   Thank you for opening up to me, and for letting me open up to you.  Thank you for opening up your homes to me; Sarah , we crashed on your floor so many times after long nights of drinking, which meant you were stuck with s much of the next day as well.  You never hesitated, always accommodated.  Matt, your family invited me to holidays … Christmas in particular.  I can’t tell you how special that was, to spend such an important “family” day with your family.  Thank you guys.

Sarah, I know we always went back and forth giving each other crap, but you’re a beautiful person and I love you.  I’ve told you this a million times, you’re brilliant … just believe in yourself.  You have what it takes to do whatever you want in this field.  By the way, you know that some part of you is going to miss me clapping in your car!

Matt, you’ve become like a brother to me, I couldn’t have asked for a better dude to be my friend.  It literally started that first day in Jakes, and it will undoubtedly continue on forever.  You’ve done so many amazing things all over the world, what you go on to do next is largely up to you, not the universe – because you have all the tools to kick ass at a PhD.  I’m not good at these goodbyes, but… you know.


This is a Matt sandwich

I know I didn’t always act favorably about your newfound romance with each other, but it was just because I was afraid you were going to have no need for me anymore.  I wish you both nothing but happiness, both in life and together.  However, just because I’ve left Falmouth doesn’t mean I disappear – you guys are stuck with me as a close friend for life, so don’t think you’ve truly gotten rid of me.  Until the next time we all meet up, I’ll miss our Matt sandwiches.

Three points where two lines meet – ∆ I love you two, it was an awesome wave.


I’ll miss these people so damn much

Oh yeah … PENIS and BOOBIES!


Thanks for taking the time to read this!  I blog here mostly about personal, life related stuff.  But I also blog for Conservation Careers about, as you might have guessed, conservation!  For science updates, and what I’m up to in general, check out my website.  Also…Follow me on Twitter: @sharkynichol


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